Pooch & Mutt Mobile Bones Joint and Bone Supplement for Dogs

Pooch & Mutt Mobile Bones Joint and Bone Supplement for Dogs

Mobile Bones is a highly palatable powdered joint and bone supplement, which has a unique blend of 16 natural active ingredients to help promote :
Comfort in and around the joint
Mobility in and around the joint.
Improved joint structure
The development of strong, dense and healthy bones


one of the best-known natural ingredients that helps keep joints comfortable, healthy and lubricated
for tendon and ligament health, cartilage formation and muscle recovery
Omega 3 and 6 
to support and lubricate joints and help deal with stress
Selenium, Vitamins C and E to mop up free radicals and help the maintenance and structure of joints
B Complex Vitamins 
for oxygen supply to the muscles and to help protein turnover bone collagen, cartilage protein tissue elastin and muscle
to help absorption and to maximise joint flexibility
for cartilage formation and bone strength
Calcium, Phosphorous and Silicon 
for strong healthy bones
Mint rich in bioflavenoids 
to support worn joints
a rich source of calcium and protein essential for tissue maintenance
containing saponins, which actively promote joint comfort

Feeding Guide
Recommended daily amounts: 
50KG/110lb= 4 tsp per day. 
Pack lasts 2 weeks +
Mix the recommended daily amount with your dog's regular food ( in one feed or split between feeds). 
If your dog is at the larger end of the weight range you may need to add an extra half tsp.
Introduce gradually.
For best results feed year-round.

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