Doodlebone Fleecy in Purple

Doodlebone Fleecy in Purple

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A cosy, waterproof, windproof and stylish way to keep your pooch happy in miserable weather. Equipped with a harness hole so harnesses can be worn under the garment, reflective edges and a draw string at the bottom so the sizing can be more forgiving.



Size: XS Waist: 46cm Chest: 50cm Longest Length: 29cm

Size: S Waist: 53cm Chest: 62cm Longest Length: 41cm

Size: M Waist: 63cm Chest: 74cm Longest Length: 60cm

Size: L Waist: 74cm Chest: 92cm Longest Length: 66cm

Size: XL Waist: 88cm Chest: 96cm Longest Length: 76cm