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Finding the Perfect Harness for your Pooch

Here at The Long Dog Boutique, we believe in the importance of finding the perfect harness for your pooch. Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or not, knowing which harness is most suitable for your dog can be a confusing process as there is a lot of information to get to grips with.

We’re here to help simplify the process for you and ensure your dog is happy and comfortable in a harness suited to their needs. And we want you to be happy too, knowing that your canine companion is comfortable and content in what they’re wearing. You wouldn’t naturally choose to wear clothes that were uncomfortable or restrictive, so surely you shouldn’t expect your dog to either!

Where do I start?

Picking a harness can depend on a range of factors, specifically the age and breed of your dog and the requirements of the harness. Here at The Long Dog Boutique, we only stock dog harnesses that we believe to be top quality. We’re an advocate for harnesses as they put much less of a strain on your dog by not putting pressure on or choking them at the neck. They also give you more control and decrease pulling. At the end of the day, a comfortable dog equals a happy, confident dog - and a happy dog owner too!

Whether you plan to purchase online or instore, or if you’re just at the research stage and trying to find out more, we want to ensure you are fully informed before making a purchase. Here’s a rundown of three of the harnesses we stock and why we believe they’re the best of the bunch.


We currently stock the Doodlebone Airmesh Snappy Harness, designed especially for dogs who dislike having items put on over their heads. If you have a fussy pooch, you’re certainly not alone! Here are five key reasons why we think this harness could be the one for you:

  • Very quick and easy to put on and take off, for dog’s who don’t like to hang around!

  • Design is super soft and safe whilst still being durable

  • Easily adjusted to ensure that padding and fabric sit comfortably on your dog

  • Prevents pressure on your dog’s neck and reduces pulling on walks

  • Available in a range of trendy bold colours and fully machine washable

These harnesses retail at £18.50 and we stock the Doodblebone Airmesh Snappy Harness in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. If you think the Doodlebone Airmesh Snappy Harness will be perfect for your pooch, click here to view our online range.


Another harness we are proud to stock is the Julius-K9 IDC (Innova Dog Comfort) Powerharness. These heavy-duty harnesses are suitable for all breeds but are particularly suited to bigger dogs and ones who tend to pull. Here are five key reasons why we think this harness could be the one for you:

  • Interchangeable hook and loop patches and adjustable chest strap to fit your pooch perfectly

  • Chest strap stops direct pulling on the dog’s neck

  • Long-lasting design can be worn over long periods and is super secure

  • Acts as a visibility jacket with a reflective strip on the chest strap

  • Available in a range of trendy patterns and colours to suit all pooches

These harnesses are priced depending on size and start at £20. If you think the Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness is the right match for your dog, click here to view our online range.

Perfect Fit

Last but certainly not least is the Perfect Fit Harness. This harness is designed to fit almost any size and shape of dog, with three individual pieces – the top, front and girth - which can be bought in various sizes to ensure you really do get that perfect fit. Here are five key reasons why we think this harness could be the one for you:

  • Takes into account dog’s girth measurement, breed, and age to provide a perfect fit

  • Comes in sizes tiny, small (15mm), medium (20mm) and large (40mm) to suit all sizes

  • Adjustable to grow with your dog

  • Each piece is sold separately so the whole harness doesn’t need to be replaced if your dog outgrows or damages it

  • Easily clips around dog’s neck so does not need to be put over head

These harnesses are priced depending on size. If you think a Perfect Fit Harness is the right pick for your pooch, pop along to our Aberdeen shop and one of our lovely staff will help you out with a fitting. We don't currently sell Perfect Fit harness online, however this is currently in the works. You can view the harnesses we currently sell online here.

So, what are you waiting for?

We hope this post has been helpful in educating you about the pro’s of harnesses and introducing you to ou